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June 2023
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2014-05-03 a message from James

Sorry I am not in touch more regularly....I really am.

Lots of stuff happening, and we are about to announce big news, sadly we can't say anything for a few days yet, but hopefully within the week! Sorry, I know that is verging on cruel.
Sorry your weather in the US has so many extremes.....
We are quite lucky here at the moment in's been pretty ok. A little dull today..... but rarely do we get such extremes as you guys.
We are heading off again on Monday, and when we get back we are rehearsing and other stuff, which we can soon tell you about......agh, sorry, I am cruel.
There will also be more dates added in October in the US.... and plenty in November / December of this year and March 2015..... and more!
And of course two fund-raiser concerts for Kenya, the first with Maeve on Sunday May 11th in Dalkey Church of Ireland......
And of course I have my 10th trip to Kenya at the very end of June into July.
So lots to keep me busy, and as much time as I can at home in Sligo too....of course to see Dad, who is visibly ageing....sadly....but such is life, eh? He is also becoming more and more of a "Dutchman", so yet again, songs can be tough. "Still by your side" recorded only weeks after Mum died, and now her widower has become my very own "Dutchman"...... Anyway, ho hum, onwards and upwards!
I will TRY to check in more regularly.....again apologies.
Much love to you all.......
James xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo