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2006-12-24 a message from James

Just warm tenor wishes comin your way.......


This really is just a brief hello, thank you and Happy Christmas to each and every single one of you.......

It was nice to see several of you during our recent quite tiring tour of the US, at least a small part of it. Thanks to those people who made the effort to come to support us, and hear us, and meet us after the show. We really DO appreciate your great support, we really do. We even had a pair of loyal Canadians who made the journey across the border to see us at St Paul. Thank you all SO MUCH.

It was quite overwhelming to see SO many of you at Dublin's National Concert Hall during the week. Even though we were pretty exhausted, the show seemed to go down well I think. A lovely warm reaction at the end of the night. Great to see you all, I mentioned several of you from the stage, so I won't mention specific names of course now, as we all met after the show anyway, if only briefly. I have to apologise for the brevity of our meetings as always! They were closing the building though!?

Thanks to MANY of you for cards and gifts, and sweets, and cakes, and MUCH MORE, you know who you are, without me singling you out!

To you ALL, each and every one of you I wish you a Happy and peaceful and meaningful Christmas. Take care of yourselves, and of each other, and of your tenors, as I know you do!

Happy Christmas to you, one and all!

With boundless love,