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2006-10-29 and another message from James

from Swotty Celt....


I am being very swotty here, eh? Responding twice in ONE day!!! A swot is a particularly diligent pupil in school. And as for "all over the shop", it is just a phrase (probably an English one I think? Certainly one I have always been familiar with) which means my sleep is irregular, messy, erratic, all over the place. But as far as I am aware it is not from a song, maybe it will be now. Piano here I come!

Sorry about my writing in my postcards. Gosh some people are never happy. I remember someone told me off before about it!!! Hmm. Ok, I will print. Maybe even draw little pictures to help you, eh? Who is that initiates the sending of cards again? I keep forgetting. Oh yeah it's ME!!! Ha!

Sorry to those who are unable to get tickets for Florida gigs. It will happen sometime. Actually I still have not started doing "Summer of my dreams" yet anyway. We have too many songs, as we have so many new ones. Maybe soon again...My favourite at the moment to sing is "Still by your side" - It is SO harmony-based.

Thanks Linda and Gary for GREAT review. "Best concert ever"???? Really?? Do you think? That is quite a claim Mr and Mrs P! the only slight correction I have to make is that "An Poc ar buile" was a capella, and my goat impersonation is in "Paddy McGinty". Also, the instrumental involvement was in "The Irish Rover" where I gave my howling dog impersonation. Is there no end to my talents I ask myself?? The Dancers were called "Inis Acla" - which means Achill Island - which is my favourite place in Ireland really, or in my Top 3 anyway. Achill Island is almost like Ireland in miniature.

I am going to Sligo on Wednesday for two days, as I have been asked to appear as a soloist in the opening night of the Sligo Choral Festival. It is on Thursday. I am doing ten minutes in each half. think I am singing "Nessun Dorma", "Vesti la giubba" from "I Pagliacci", "You raise me up", "Summer of my dreams" (Yes, sorry), and "Time to say Bye Bye".

Speak soon,
Love to y'all,