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2007-03-04 Cincinnati

reviewed by Ennica


I was lucky enough to see the Celtic Tenors and Deirdre Shannon perform with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra last night. It was a fabulous show, and I highly recommend seeing them sing with a symphony at least once. It takes the show to a whole different level. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

I am not going to list the songs for you, as I will be seeing them in Cincinnati again next week. *Blushes* I know: it's incredibly self-serving, but I won't have the opportunity to see them again for at least six months. I've got to take the chance to see them while they're in driving distance. Anyway, I wanted to save the list for next week's review so as not to ruin the show for anyone who might
be going on the 11th.

However, I did want to give some kind of review. The orchestra was dressed in red jackets, which was a very nice background for our boys and Deirdre. David got to play a "real" piano that's been used recently. I talked to him after the show, and he said he always likes playing with an orchestra because he gets bored. Imagine that!

I was originally only going to the show on the 11th. However, I wanted to have a picture of the boys and Deirdre for them to sign, since they're always trying to sign my program. Silly people!! I'll take a hug any day, and I'm dead serious. I realized that I didn't have a good photo of them, so I was going to take one last
night and have them sign it on the 11th. Best laid plans, right? Well, I had it lined up for James, Matthew, Daryl, David, Deirdre and Tito Munoz (the conductor) to pose for a picture. I was going to get one with me and one without. Unfortunately, there was a little old lady who took a picture with them before me. When I said I wanted one without me, she decided to stay in the picture. What could I do? I took it with her in the picture. She was so sweet and so enthusiastic about our boys. So, she's in the picture, and I will have to use one of my old pictures for them to sign. I've posted the one from last night. L to R: Matthew, Tito, Daryl, Unknown Lady, David, Deirdre, & James. I wonder if she would have stayed in the picture had she known where it was going to end up. I
wish I knew her name.

I took a picture with David, and I've posted it, too. Doesn't he look good in his suit? The boys were also very stylish, wearing black suits with ties in the first half of the show and their vests/velvet jackets for the second half. Deirdre looked fabulous as always. She looks amazing no matter what she's wearing.

By the way, if you're going to a show, let them know you're coming. I was gently scolded by James for not telling them I was going to be at last night's show. They knew I was coming on the 11th. I wasn't the only one, though. The group in front of me was chided, too. I told Deirdre last week that I was going. Doesn't that count? LOL!! It was a fairly last minute decision to go.

For the first time, I was actually able to discern the individual voices of our
boys while they were singing together. It was my first concert with my new hearing aids, and I'm so glad that it was a Tenors & Deirdre concert. While this new audio world has some great pluses, it also has drawbacks. I was able to hear the lady next to me humming away with the Orchestra as they played the first piece to warm up themselves and the audience. That wouldn't have happened before. Thankfully, she didn't know the words to the Tenors songs, or I
would have been in misery. Anyway, the words were clearer. The music was clearer. And I finally know what people mean when they say "harmony."

I was hoping to tell the boys and Deirdre about it after the show, but the line was so very long. After the last picture was taken, the boys rushed off to change, and I was only able to talk to Deirdre for a couple of minutes. She was telling me about her California concert from the night before. (The Tenors were in Pennsylvania. ) Deirdre caught a red-eye flight Saturday night to be in Cincinnati on Sunday night. She said she'd only had a couple hours of sleep, but you'd never know it to look at her. Their stagehand/roadie/ manager/whatever he is started verbally prodding Deirdre to leave. She brushed him off a couple of times, but he started getting more insistent. I told her she'd better go before he dragged her off. So, I didn't get to tell her or any of the boys. I was able to tell them that it was a very good show, but that description was so woefully inadequate to explain what the experience was like for me. Maybe they'll read this and know anyway.:-)

An interesting side note: the lady who was loudly humming during the orchestra's solo piece asked me if I was Irish during Intermission. I said, "No, ma'am." She said, "But you know every word!" I said, "Yes, ma'am. I'm a fan." She said, "Oh. Where are you from?" I said, "Nashville." She said, "You must really like them." I said, "You could say that." She looked at me like I had sprouted two heads when I said, "I am coming back next Sunday, too." Is that enough notice, James? LOL!!

I promise to give a full review next week after the Sunday concert in Cincinnati. Besides, I forgot my notes. :-(