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Help and answers


Is this the official Celtic Tenors website?

No. This site is run by fans for fans although the site is officially approved and the Celtic Tenors actively work with us so we can offer the Blog and exclusive material.


Do I need to register?

No, most of the information is available without a registration. If you want to discuss in our forum you will need to register but you are able to read all entries without. 

Some extra information is available once you created your own account. We will also have little "specials" online for our registered users from time to time.

Note: for security reasons the webmasters will have to set your rights. Therefor it might take some time before you are able to see those extras.


I have trouble to change the languages

Here are the direct links to the site:





I would like to send a message to the Tenors

That's easy! Simply use the contact form and we will be happy to pass on your message.


The content I just read is only available in English

This can be correct. We try to offer translations as soon as possible but it might take some time before translations will be available depending on the time the translation will take.

Note for Dutch and German site: We are still working to transfer all translations to the new layout. All recent information is up to date.


I would like to add my photo or my review to the site

You are very welcome to submit your own review or photos. Please send a short note using the contact form and we'll get back to you asap.